Affordable Health Insurance: Learn How To Cut Costs, Save Time, And Protect Your Health !

Affordable Health Insurance: Learn How To Cut Costs, Save Time, And Protect Your Health !

Affordable Health Insurance: Learn How To Cut Costs, Save Time, And Protect Your Health !

Welcome Self Employed Entrepreneur to the highest quality guidance for the purchase and use of insurance on the net! Affordable-Health-Insurance-For-Self-Employed is a website created with you in mind. We assume you are independent, proactive, self-reliant, frugal, and informed. More than likely, you are a business owner or freelancer, and are internet-savvy. Like most Americans, you hate the confusion and hype about health insurance! We know you want quick answers and insight, not a sales pitch.

Most websites are transaction-based, sales-oriented. So how are we different? We will show you How to Buy health insurance that fits your needs – whether we sell it to you or not. Then we will show you How to Use your health insurance...whether we sold it to you or not! Our knowledge is the distillation of over 14 years of teaching employees and small business owners how their health plans actually work. Afer all, what good does health insurance do if you have no clue how to use it to your advantage?

For example: if you are buying insurance, here are the 10 MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS you need to know:

1) If I buy through an agent, the cost will be more expensive. 2) Individual health insurance plans are the same as group health. 3) Health insurance is too expensive, so I don’t need it. 4) The lower the deductible and copays, the better the plan. 5) ObamaCare will lower the cost of health insurance. 6) All insurance carriers are the same. 7) COBRA insurance is more expensive than what I used to pay. 8) Insurance companies are the enemy. 9) All insurance agents give the same level of service. 10) Health Savings Account is right for me.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy insurance from this website! In fact, we have can generate more quotes than you have time to read. However, that is we do not start from the premise that we are trying to sell you anything. So use this website for guidance first. Then if you find a fit, make a purchase. We hope to earn your trust and confidence. We have found that most people can adjust to any benefit or cost, as long as they understand up front what they are buying.

Equally important is how to become a Money Saving Expert. Here you can learn the 9 Key Rules of Self Defense for the Health Care Consumer. We want you to become a Guerrilla Consumer!

1. Never pay medical bills until you read this first! 2. Deductible management. 3. How to avoid dangerous hospital medicine. 4. How to negotiate you bills. 5. Traditional medicine vs. Alternative medicine. 6. Where to find the best prices for everything. 7. How to make online doctors and telemedicine work for you. 8. How to use Heath Savings Accounts to your advantage. 9. Attack the 5 conditions that drive 50% of all medical costs.

Sound like it is worth your time? Come with me and let''s explore some more.

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