Mother And Baby Fitness Classes

Mother And Baby Fitness Classes

Who says that baby is too young to exercise? As a mother, bonding experiences with baby are important. One that will shed some weight off of you is a mother and baby fitness class.

A mother and baby fitness class is one where the baby is integrated into the workout. All of the moms bring their babies with them to enjoy the experience together. Depending on the age of your baby, they can participate as much or as little as needed.

You can find these classes in a variety of ways. First, ask your doctor. As an obstetrician they hear about lots of resources for mom and baby. Your nurses at the hospital are a wealth of information about programs for mom and baby from how to breastfeed to exercising together.

Your local YWCA and YMCA are also places that sponsor Lamaze, prenatal and post-natal classes. Use all of these resources plus friends, family and the Yellow Pages for information on mom and baby programs.

The fitness classes have something for every mom’s taste. If your baby is small and you are easing back into fitness, try a mom and baby yoga class. The movements are done with your baby. Find a class in your community or purchase a DVD and work out with your baby at home. The classes are designed to help you work on stretching and realigning everything that may have shifted when the baby took up residence, including pelvic floor exercises and abdominal work along with the relaxing muscle-stretching poses of traditional yoga.

Babies are used to water. They are in a water-filled sack for nine months. Take a swim class where moms and babies both participate. Teaching your baby how to swim as a young tot makes them less scared of the water. As the mom you will be doing most of work of helping your baby to swim but it will be a great bonding experience for you both.

For older babies, try finding classes available at facilities designed for tots. Places like The Little Gym and Tumblebees may offer interactive classes for moms and babies. From an early age, your child will learn the value of exercise and develop hand/eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Moms can usually take a free class to see if that particular class is to their liking before signing up for paid ones. During your free class, gauge your baby’s responses to the movements and the environment. At least since the classes are designed for mothers with babies, you don’t have to worry about the little one crying.

If finding time for fitness is a challenge with a new baby, why not look for classes that include your baby? Mother and baby classes offer time for bonding as well as a reintroduction into the world of fitness for new moms.