Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids

Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids

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by jeff 1 Comment Facebook6Twitter6Google+3LinkedIn2Pinterest26Its no surprise that kids need exercise to maintain a healthy childhood. Whether or not your child has a weight problem, they should still be getting a good amount of exercise every day. The trouble is, sometimes parents and kids run out of ideas to keep them active. This article will give you plenty of great exercise ideas for kids to get them moving often.

Parents have a lot on their minds, including their jobs, taking care of the home, running errands, preparing meals, taking care of the kids, helping with homework, etc. So its easy to see how exercise is often put on the back burner.

This is especially true if you look at your child and they appear healthy. Perhaps you feed them good, nutritious foods and they are at a normal weight. But just because a child (or adult for that matter) looks healthy on the outside, doesnt mean theyre healthy on the inside. Many kids have a high metabolism and wont become overweight no matter what they eat. But exercise for these kids is still necessary and important.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children and adolescents should be exercising at least one hour every day. This may sound like a lot for an adult, but for kids its easier to reach this goal.

Take young children, for example. As long as youre not allowing them to watch television most of the day, they should get lots of activity just by running from room to room. Adults often want to tell their kids to slow down or stop running, but when its an appropriate time, let them be free to exercise and have fun.

Parents shouldnt worry about counting the minutes their child exercises each day. Just keep in mind the recommended amount and encourage them each day to do something that gets their heart rate up.

There are three different types of exercise activities for kids. The first is cardio or aerobic activity. This is the type they should be engaging in the most. It includes activities like running, brisk walking, or playing sports. It can be done individually, with a parent, or in a group setting.

The second type of exercise activity is muscle strengthening. The CDC recommends that children do these activities three days a week. It includes exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, weight lifting, and gymnastics. If your child is involved in an organized sport, they will probably be doing these exercises during practice and warm-ups.

Finally, the last type of exercise recommended for kids is bone strengthening. These exercises include jumping rope, hopping, and skipping and should be done a few days each week.

The easiest place for your child to exercise is outside, where there is plenty of room to run around. There are hundreds of easy exercises for kids, giving you lots of variety to keep your kids interested and having fun.

As already mentioned, young kids dont need a whole lot of motivation to move. They have natural energy that makes them want to run more than any other age group. Taking them to a playground is perfect because it allows them to run, climb, swing, jump, and more. It is not hard to spend an hour letting your child play on a playground.

Older kids may need a little more encouragement, but as long as parents are willing to participate in the fun, it makes things a lot easier. Here are a list of some fun outdoor activities you can do with your kids.

Play a game of softball, soccer, basketball or football on a field or in the backyard

Go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood or on a walking trail

Have a relay race in your yard

Visit a water park or go swimming at a private pool

Play a game of hide and seek with the neighborhood kids

Of course, this is just a small list, but it should get you thinking about some things you can do with your kids. If you try an activity and your kids absolutely hate it, dont do it again. Since there are so many options, you should be able to find plenty of activities your kids enjoy.

What to Do When You Cant Go Outside

Many times during the year, being active outside is not an option. Whether its too hot, too cold, or raining, you and your kids arent willing to step foot outdoors. The good news is that there are just as many good exercises for kids to do indoors. Once again, your childs age and interests will determine which indoor activities he or she likes to do.

Some of these exercises are the same as the ones listed above, they should just be modified for indoors. These include hide and seek, a relay race, and maybe even the jump rope competition. When youre at home you can also encourage your child to:

Use pool noodles or cardboard pieces to sword fight

Make a pile of pillows on the floor for them to jump on

Play an active Wii or Xbox Kinect game

Just because the weathers bad, you dont have to be stuck at home. There are other great indoor exercises for kids of all ages. Here are some ideas for you:

Visit an indoor playground (but try to avoid fast food restaurants if you can)

Take a trip to the gym for an aerobic class, weight lifting, or a game of basketball

Briskly walk around your local mall

If youre not sure whats available in your community, nows the time to find out. Most cities have a lot of opportunities for kids to get exercise. Sometimes you will have to pay for these activities, but most of the time you can do exercises for free.

Now that you have a great list of ideas for kids exercise, no matter what the weather, its time to get started. Your childs health is important and one of the best ways to make sure they are healthy is incorporating plenty of exercise in their daily routine. Doing these activities doesnt just benefit them. They will also benefit you, as you will be exercising as well and spending quality time with the people you love the most.

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